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"Practice and all is coming" - Sri K Pattabhi Jois

This journal is for RL friends only. Nothing personal.
art, astrology, autumn, avacados, bagels, baltimore, batman, bbc news, bean hollow, being naked, biking, birds, biscuits, biting, bondage, books, boys with guitars, bucky and ramses, buffy, caffeine, cake, caramel, casablanca, cheese, chinese food, chocolate, climbing, coffee, coloring books, comics, compromise, cooking, cotton candy, david bowie, dive bars, drawing, drew barrymore, e. e. cummings, edgar allan poe, edvard munch, english majors, envelopes, equality, ethics, europe, fairy tales, farmers market, ferris wheels, film, fiona apple, fish, flannery o'connor, french, gay rights, gold fish, goucher college, granola, grinders, happiness, hemingway, herbs, icons, insomnia, integrity, invader zim, john frusciante, jon stewart, journaling, liberalism, libraries, literary criticism and theory, literature, lyrics, making quiche, modern art, monty python, movies, museums, music, mythology, nature, oceans, oscar wilde, painting, photography, picasso, poetry, postage stamps, practical magic, pretending to be intelligent, pretty things., printing, quakerism, quakers, rain, red hot chili peppers, red wine, rice cakes, runes, scotish, scotland, settlers of catan, sex, sexuality, silver, sin city, singing in the car, smart boys, snow, sonnets, south baltimore, stories, summer, sushi, t'ai chi, tarot, tattoos, tea, the beatles, thrift stores, to kill a mockingbird, treehouses, trees, van gogh, victoria's secret, virginia woolf, water bottles, whisky, william blake, wine, world peace, writing, £